becoming a doula

Love people through the process.
Be a witness to the experience.
Help women find and use their voices.


Upcoming Workshops

2021 Dates*

March 5-6
June 11-12
July 30-31
October 1-2
November 5-6
November 12-13

9:00AM–6:30PM, Provo, UT
Registration Fee: $700

*see registration form for updated date options

becoming a doula

Why take this training

This training is a DONA International approved training. DONA was the first doula training organization in the world and is recognized as the gold standard in doula training. DONA was founded in 1992 and its founders are actually the originators of the word, “doula.” Read more about DONA’s origins here:

There are only 165 approved DONA doula trainers in the world. New trainers must be invited to join DONA. DONA requires its doula trainers to have attended at least 50 births. In this profession, experience is everything. Melissa has attended nearly 600 births over her 22 year career as a birth professional.

Melissa is a state licensed, and nationally certified midwife which enables her to bring an expertise to doula trainings that you won’t often find in other workshops.

Over the course of 18 years, and Melissa has trained nearly 1000 women to be doulas. Melissa’s workshops are heartfelt and connective. You won’t just learn how to be a doula, you’ll also grow and develop your personal expertise as an advocate, supporter, and champion in other areas of life, too.

At the training, you will get delicious lunches and snacks throughout. and you’ll receive a recourse book of copy-able handouts and articles for use in your own doula practice.

Training topics

  • What is a Doula?
  • The Role of a Doula – What a Doula Does and Doesn’t Do
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of a Doula
  • DONA Certification Overview
  • Prenatal Contact and Interviewing
  • Birth Plan Preparation
  • Emotional Support in Labor and Birth
  • Physical Support in Labor and Birth
  • Physical and Emotional Comfort Measures including: Hydrotherapy, Positioning, Counterpressure, Use of Hot and Cold, Massage, Acupressure, etc.
  • How to Support Difficult Labors
  • How to Help Facilitate Rotation and Descent of Posterior or Asynclitic Babies
  • Epidurals and Other Medications
  • How to Support Women Utilizing Pharmacological Pain Relief
  • How to Facilitate Partner Support
  • Cesarean Sections
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
  • What is the Ideal Birth Experience?
  • Breastfeeding Initial Latch
  • Immediate Postpartum Support
  • Processing the Birth Experience with the Mother
  • Labor and Birth Scenarios and Practice

About the instructor

Melissa Chappell is a state licensed midwife who also holds the national credential of CPM.

She began her in her path as a birth worker in 1995 as a certified childbirth educator. In 1997 she became a certified doula with DONA and then in 2001 became certified as a DONA Doula Trainer.

She started her midwifery practice in 2015 and opened Utah Birth Suites Birth Center in 2018. She regularly travels to Haiti to work as a midwife at MamaBaby Haiti and teaches several classes a year to midwifery students.

Workshop policies & details

This training is one of your biggest steps toward certification as a doula with DONA.

There are three perquisites to attending this class:

1. You must have a good working knowledge of the basics if birth like station, dilation, effacement, stages of labor, etc. If you don’t, I suggest reading a couple basic birth books before your workshop dates.

2. You must have watched The Business of Being Born before coming to class. This is available to rent on Amazon for $1.99.

3. Please watch Orgasmic Birth before attending the training. This is available to rent on Amazon for $1.99.

Non-mobile nursing babies are allowed but please be considerate of other students. Older nursing babies are allowed to visit on breaks but not during class.


*Workshop fees are non-refundable but can be put toward future training if you aren’t able to attend the workshop you registered for.

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